Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Car Online

Do you happen to have a car at your garage that you are planning to finally get rid of and sell it online? If you are having second thoughts on selling your car online thinking that it might be a bad choice, here are some tips of mine with the pros and cons of selling a car online.

Advantage of selling a car online:

  • Lesser cost for you: We all know that posting a car online means you don’t have to spend any penny for the ad; you just have to take the perfect photo of your car and post it on whatever online site you wanted such as Craigslist with the basic information of your car.If you are doing a buy and sell for a business, it would also mean that you have to find for the place where you can place all your for sale cars and you also have to pay for the rent but if you are going to sell it online, you don’t have to look for it anymore.
  • Bigger audience for your ads: As we are already in buying things online, it would be guaranteed that there are a lot of people who are going to see you ad specially if you are going to post it to various online sites and a lot more audience means a bigger chance of selling your car.
  • Convenient and hassle-free: If you are going to sell your car online, it would mean that you will just have to use your computer to post your ad and you don’t have to go out of your home anymore; what’s more convenient with that, right? Selling your car online is indeed the best choice if you are a homebody person.
  • Reduces overhead: Selling your car online means you don’t have to pay any dealer or staff anymore which would eventually help you save money and earn the money from your sold car all by yourself.

Disadvantage of selling a car online:

  • Security and Fraud: One thing that I don’t like with selling a product online is I’ll get a bigger chance to encounter various kinds of people and that includes scammers. I guess every one of us knows what scammers are and as an online seller, we should know how to avoid them. If you wanted to avoid these scammers then, before you response to any inquiries, make sure the person is a trusted one. Also, refrain from giving too much information to any buyer such as your address and personal information because they could use this information against you.
  • Advertising costs: Posting an advertisement online is actually free specially for those known online sites but if you wishes for your ad to on top of the list so that a lot of potential buyer can go through it then, you have to pay fee which prices varies from site to site.
  • Customer Trust: Since you selling a car from an online site, it would be hard for you to get you customer’s trust. If you are going to put yourself on their side, I am sure you would think twice buying a car which is surely a big investment from a person you don’t know thus; you have to nice and efficient enough for a customer to believe that you are a reliable online seller.

There are indeed a lot of ways on how to dispose of your old car and find a buyer for your car aside from selling it online; you just have to look for the way that is convenient and easy for you and with the pros and cons listed above, it would surely help you decide whether you are a person who fits with this online selling or not.

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