Car maintenance schedule you should follow

Everyone has a car, but those who have maintained it in good conditions are most respected. Instead of depending on professionals to do everything for you in higher prices one should keep doing maintenance activities that you perform yourself.

Every car has its respective maintenance schedule to follow to help them function in a better way. they say “prevention is far better than the cure”. You might spend a little now on your car’s maintenance but it will definitely save you from the greater expense that you would face in case of any damage.

Maintenance Needs:

All vehicles have their own maintenance schedule as mentioned in their user’s manual. But there might be some conditions in which some cars need a strict maintenance schedule to run themselves in a proper way. it might happen due to climate extremities (extremely hot, extreme cold, dusty area, high humidity) on a regular basis.

The most dominant reason among all the other reasons that why some car needs a strict maintenance schedule is reaching 100,000 miles. At this stage, something might go on the wrong track. You should keep on checking your engine after every 3000 miles in place of 5k or 7k miles. You need to visit your mechanic to get your car’s parts checked extensively.

Your driving style also matters a lot when it comes to maintenance. Aggressive driving makes everything wear out before the due time.

Maintenance schedule:

A general schedule of the car maintenance is mentioned ahead in detail.

Oil and its filter:

The oil and its filter need to be checked on a regular basis and changed whenever necessary for efficient car working. As the engine of the car runs all the time, it will surely be topped by the dust and debris particles, etc. which end up making a strain. Non-synthetic oil should be changed every 3000 miles.

The pressure of the tire:

Incorrect tire pressure can end up wearing unevenly. It can even result in poor mileage as well as a tire blowout. Keep checking tire pressure, it’s a very simple task and consumes a very few moments but Indeed it can save you from great danger.

The tire pressure needs a bit adjustment if weight more than usual is carried in the vehicle.

Cleaning and Conditioning:

There are some other tasks that need to be considered on a regular basis. That may include cleaning the interior and exterior of the car, looking after the highlights to ensure their working and renewing the windscreen fluid when necessary.

Maintenance previous to 30k miles:

Air filter maintenance:

When the air filter is blocked, it makes difficulties for the engine in breathing as well as reduces its performance levels. Driving in the dusty area may result in a blocked air filter. You should keep checking the air filter of your car 15k-30k miles.

Fuel filter maintenance:

If the fuel filter of your car is not running smoothly, it might be due to some negative effects on the engine. Whenever you feel like the fuel filter of your car’s engine is blocked. Visit a mechanic as soon as possible and replace the fuel filter according to his suggestion.

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Maintenance previous to 60k miles:

Transmission fluid:

When the level of transmission fluid falls, it can result in gear shifting issues. Observe the levels closely. Some cars have tipsters that make it easy to observe the levels. Wherever some signals that there is anything wrong with the help of the “check/engine light”.

  1. Manual transmissions: Require fluid change every 30k-60k miles.
  2. Automatic transmissions: Needs fluid change every 100k miles.

Brake fluid maintenance:

There is another type of fluid, called brake fluid which needs close observation. You would need to drain the brake system of the old one and renew it by another brake fluid. You may also need to change the rotors & pads in some cases.

 Maintenance previous to 90k miles:

Spark plugs maintenance:

Cars indicate the driver in various ways that the spark plugs need renewal. The indication could be check light, hard starting-running. The age of the car affects the spark plugs. Newer cars have iridium or titanium plugs which have a life span of up to 100k.

Steering Fluid maintaining:

Another type of fluid that will weaken with the passage of the time is steering fluid. You would notice difficulty in the following situations.

  • While turning the wheel
  • A noise when you are steering etc.


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