Hino Truck Wreckers

At Cash for Cars, our free car removal service offers a simple same day service that includes the pickup of your damaged or scrap vehicle, and cash in hand on the spot.  Get cash upto $15999 for Trucks, damaged, unwanted, going or not going, Any Make and Model Any condition etc. Did we mention that we do all the the paperwork for free? Well we do, and we are happy to save you time and hassle by doing so. If your car or van is not in working condition, our Hino Truck Wreckers located in 3 main yards throughout Victoria will take the worry out of what can usually be an annoying situation, and you can be sure that not only is the process easy, it is also great for the environment.

Truck Wreckers

Our processes once your car is picked up make sure to utilise each and every piece of your car through our green environment campaign. This is done by making sure that the Wreckers for Hino Trucks at our sites sell the parts that are in good working condition, so that they may be put to further use. Alternatively, if the vehicle’s parts are not in a condition to be salvaged, we will melt down and recycle those parts, so as to ensure that no waste occurs. So not only are you getting cash in hand for the convenience of our service, you are helping save the environment at the same time. If your unwanted van or truck has been sitting around for a while, and no longer has a roadworthy certificate or is unregistered, that is not a problem either. These issues do not affect the services that we offer, and will not reduce the agreed upon cash payout for your vehicle. So, how are you benefiting from using Cash for Old Car?

  • Financial remuneration for the removal of your scrap or damaged vehicle.
  • All the paperwork handled by our staff, free of charge.
  • Along with a simple solution, you are also contributing to the environment by using our waste-free methods.

Located throughout Victoria, our 3 main offices are able to reach any suburb in Melbourne. Call our Truck Wreckers Hino on 0405 595 026 to receive a free quote from our friendly staff, and have someone visit you to provide an assessment of your van or truck. We look forward to your call.

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