Mercedes Truck Wreckers

Mercedes Truck Removal Service

What do you do when your much loved Mercedes truck breaks down on the road? You give us a call on 0405 595 026 and have us come to any location at any time, of course!

As the final word in expert Mercedes truck wrecking, we can guarantee that we will get your broken Mercedes truck off the road and let you get back to work as quickly and effectively as possible.

Knowledgeable Service, Absolutely Free

Comprising of a devoted team of highly experienced Mercedes truck wreckers, you can rest assured knowing that they know the model of your Mercedes truck back to front. We take care in removing your truck safely, with as minimal disturbance possible to your routine.

And best of all, its completely free! We don’t fuss over whether its a light or heavy commercial vehicle like other companies do, because we insist on helping both you and the environment out through our perfected part recycling service.

Did we also mention that we can provide you with up to $15,999 cash for your broken down Mercedes truck? Contact us for a free quote today!

Truck Wreckers for Cash

24/7 Roadside Pick-Up Guaranteed

We understand that your Mercedes truck can break down in some pretty far flung places, that’s why we are proud to offer a 24/7 pick-up service anywhere in the greater Melbourne region.

Truck wreckers Mercedes aim to make your truck removal as painless as possible, by coming to wherever you are in a prompt manner and removing your truck just as quickly. Best of all, we offer instant cash to put towards your new truck purchase.

This way, you can spend less time standing on the side of the road, and more time getting back to your important occupation. It’s our thanks to you for providing us with your Mercedes truck Wreckers, so that we can benefit the environment by recycling your truck parts and body.

So give us a call on 0405 595 026 to speak to our expert truck evaluators, or fill out the free quote form today so you can get back on the road as soon as possible!

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