Polestar goes electric – Eco-friendly way to get going


Eco-friendly car in the making

Volvo’s performance car gears up for an eco-friendly but a high-performance future. Polestar is Volvo’s recently acquired performance division has announced that the new CEO Thomas Ingenlath will reinvent the company strategy and is also a Telsa rival, who used to be the vice president of design at Volvo. Thomas has been a revelation to the Volvo car group, and their commitment to establishing a standalone brand reflects upon itself. Polestar has come up with the revolutionary idea of developing a high performance electrified model that was founded last year.

How To Maintain A Car?

Volvo introduces Polestar

This was founded by Lex Kerssemakers, CEO of Volvo cars in the North American continent revealed all the plans during the press meet. The newly appointed COO, Jonathan Goodman will help oversee Polestar’s entry into the high performance growing market of electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrids that includes the following models of Telsa Model S and BMW i8.

The man with the responsibility of making electric cars

Goodman has at least two decades of experience or more in the auto industry and is placed to provide operational experience besides his vision of building on experienced and management team that will drive Polestar brands to new heights and reach a whole new level. Polestar is and will be a credible competitor in the market for electrified cars or eco-friendly cars. With the help of Polestar, we will be able to offer our clients with high performance electrified cars to the world’s most demanding progressive drivers in the market segments.

A whole new breed of car

Volvo calls its new polestar a whole new breed of branded electrified global car agency that is similar to the Mercedes-AMG. Polestar has worked with Volvo since 1996 before Volvo acquired the company in 2015. In a press conference, Volvo has stated that it will brand its Polestar cars as Polestar and not Volvo. But there will be performance optimization packages will be available for Volvo’s cars and various other model range.

A new chapter in the making for Volvo

The whole team is excited about the challenge that is coming their way of establishing an exciting and exquisite brand, thus developing a wide range of products by the whole Polestar team. This is going to go down to the history books. A new chapter is in the making. Till them, Volvo will issue further announcements for the Polestar brand in the Northern continent for autumn. Find a resource for eco-friendly car removals services by vic car wreckers

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