Nissan Truck Wreckers

Truck wreckers

Cash for Old Cars offers people throughout Victoria with a hassle free, same day removal service for cars that are no longer in a running condition.

We offer a full service Nissan trucks wrecking solution for your unwanted vehicle, that includes handling all of the paperwork, the removal of your car, and cash in hand up to $15,999 for your van or truck all on the same day.

Located throughout Victoria at 3 main locations, our Nissan truck wreckers are able to reach your scrap vehicle at any location in Melbourne.

If your car is unroadworthy or unregistered, this is also not a problem. It does not affect our transaction in any way, nor will it alter the financial agreement between us.

Using Cash for Old Car also means that you are contributing to our green environment campaign, which reduces waste and makes sure that all vehicles taken by us are assessed properly, and used as best they can for other things.

What does our green environment campaign entail?

Any part of your truck that is deemed to be salvageable, will be resold and given a second life. Alternatively, the parts of your vehicle that are not fit to be reused, will be melted down and recycled, to be used for other products, in a variety of industries. No parts are wasted in our wreckers for Nissan truck services.

How can we help you?

  • No paperwork, no worries
  • Cash in hand, and same day service
  • Help save the environment, by having your vehicle contribute to our green environment campaign

No matter your location, there are no areas of Melbourne that we can’t reach.

Call one of our staff today on 0405 595 026 for a free quote regarding your vehicle, and enjoy the hassle free, same day service that we offer.

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