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After spending a fortune on the purchase of automobiles, it is your right to earn big cash when you sell those as well. You must never stress about the condition your car is in. There is still a possibility for you to make great cash on even your fully damaged junk cars. We guarantee one of the best sell my car Melbourne options.


Our trusted car wreckers and recyclers buy all kinds of junk, wrecked, broken, scrap and old vehicles. Each one is promised to pay you incredible cash. Our sell my car service specifically benefits when you think that your car is used and unwanted or very old.

Cash For Old Car has years long experience in dealing all used, broken, damaged, scrap and unwanted cars. We buy cars for different purposes. But mainly for recycling and wrecking. Since an old vehicle may pose severe hazards, we take responsibility for wrecking and disposing of the old junk properly.

You can sell your old cars and earn cash as much as $29,999. Depending on the condition of your car, we offer you our best possible price. We can always be trusted with our estimation since our professional valuation experts miss out nothing that is worth paying up. The years of experience and our fine dealership over the years has given us quite the credibility. Not to mention the authentic auto wrecking and recycling certification.


We have full authorization to deal in all kinds of automobiles for wrecking and recycling. Therefore, our sell my car Melbourne offers are at their best. We deal in every car, van, truck, UTE, SUV, 4×4, jeep and 4WD. And present our best offer for each after evaluating. Getting rid of an old car that is sitting in your garage for a long time has gotten very easy. Now when you can earn instant cash for it, there is no reason for you to delay it any longer.


We even offer to pay the cash right on the spot. We strongly believe that none of our customers should wait weeks or even days for the money we owe them. It is normally when we come to tow your car, we pay you for it as well. So the absolutely hassle-free towing becomes even better with an instant cash payout.

We have a big network of salvage yards and wrecker yards spread all across Melbourne. This allows us to access every suburb very easily without making any delay. We even offer to remove your car on the same day. Which is an ideal situation given that your car is old and damaged? We tow your car on the same day and make sure that you don’t have to do any work.

We have our team take care of the entire process. All you need to do is make sure that you have removed all your personal items from inside the car before we arrive. This only makes the process faster. We tow your fully damaged cars even the ones that have been crushed to bits, without any difficulty. There are absolutely no hidden or extra charges for any of our services. All we do is pay you instantly for your old cars that we purchase.

There are lots of other services that we offer besides helping you sell your car. Each of those is listed below.

  • Cash for old trucks
  • Car dismantlers
  • Car wreckers
  • 100% environment-friendly car recyclers
  • Free towing all across Melbourne
  • Instant cash payment
  • Free evaluation of your car
  • Best deals in used car parts
  • Salvage Yards


After we bring your old cars to our yard, our experts take full responsibility of recycling it properly. First off, we look for any good parts that we can later use in other cars. We carefully take those out and place those in our stock. This is only after we have run several quality checks on them. Which means all cheap car parts sold in our yard are 100% genuine. Not only that, we have a proper description for each part. This only makes it easier for our customers to look for the parts on their own.

And we have a team of specialists as well. They are willing to assist you in finding the right piece. If any of our customers are having a hard time finding it themselves.

We are very careful when it comes to disposing of a car the right way. It is one of our major concerns to make sure that nothing that is useful goes to waste. Not only that, but we also make sure that anything that is damaged is fully recycled in the right way.


We buy all old cars for 100% eco-friendly recycling in exchange for incredible cash. Our clean-green routine ensures a very safe disposal of your car. We make sure to not let any of the harmful substances and toxins pollute the environment.

The sell my car deals allow you to not just sell your old, used, scrap and junk vehicles. But also to ensure a safe and clean disposal as well. Our recycling routine guarantees to prevent our atmosphere from any possible auto-related hazards.

Before we recycle an old car, we have our car dismantler carefully disassemble each part. This is only to ensure no further damage to any useful parts. We pile every other broken part separately. Each of the discarded material is sorted. And recycled individually.

You can sell any of the popular or generic car makes. We particular deal in the following brands ever so often. Toyota, KIA, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Audi, Renault, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan, Peugeot, Volvo etc. You can easily get yourself our best sell my car deals by following these simple steps.

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