Audi SQ7 2017 Review

Presenting the Audi SQ7
This SUV has been rated to be one of the best performances SUV in the year 2017. The price of this SUV is $153,616 and is known to be the cream of the crop. It has active chassis gizmos, triple turbo v8 engine and much other luxury and trendiness you could ask for in this big SUV. It is also loaded with immense technology as well. This seven seat big SUV has made their way into the books of SUV. It is an eight speed transmission. It has 400mm front rotors, with six piston calipers with optional carbon ceramics – the transitions mostly weight to the front end.

It has a 4.0liter triple turbo V8 diesel engine and eight speed automatic transmission route power with easy access to SUV’s Quattro AWD system plus. Front to back distribution is taken care by the Quattro AWD system and its sport differential takes care of left to right power supply at the rear axle. All that the driver needs to do is to point SQ7’S nose in its proper direction. It’s all wheel steering and the technology of active roll stabilization; provide it with a big rig thus allowing you to blast out of corner. This is life in the Audi SQ7. Big, fast, fun and its frugal.
This seven seater plays many roles including a sports car, a family taxi, people movers, luxury car, rally car and much more. The fuel tank will give you a 890kms before it needs a refuel. The SUV was surely pretty loud during a week’s test, but the freeway cruising was amazing along with a 4.0 liter turbo diesel showing a 1300rpm at 100km/h. So in average the fuel consumption was 8.3liters/100kms. This is quite a frugal outcome.
Interiors have technology and comfort

There is enough space inside when you open the doors of the Audi SQ7 which gives you a high level of comfort. It is a luxurious cruiser and doesn’t quite match Bentley, although they might be much similar. There is also quad zone climate control with foot vents at the back of it. Like many other models, the SQ7 infotainment system looks like a fantastic one, with a minimalistic layout and chic appeal. There are two USB ports that come in handy including the novel for Audi and Apple car play. There is a row of 8 shortcut buttons that is quite clever and intuitive that has a completely digitized virtual cockpit that is quite impressive and gear lever looks quite dreamy. But the manual adjustment of the steering column is quite poor.
Fast on dirt, and faster on the roads
On dirt, the Audi is very accomplished. But the story is even better on the sealed roads where performance is even better and faster than any other place. We are talking about a seven seater full size luxury SUV. There is some autonomy as well. In stop and start traffic, the SQ7 can accelerate and brake itself for shorter periods of times. Apart from this the SUV gives you a smoother performance surprisingly.

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