How To Clean Your Old Car – Tip and Tricks

Were you able to buy a new car and wants to give the best care to your new investment? One of the things that would help maintain your car is through having it cleaned regularly and here are some tips of mine on how to clean your car from its outside to the inside.

Before I’ll go ahead with the steps and tips on cleaning a car, make sure that the car is parked in a shady area where it can be protected from the heat of the sun.

Car Cleaning From the outside

The most important thing which you need to take car, and of course that is outside look. This look attracts all outside to have at least one look at your car. There are many ways and things to perform when you do car cleaning outside.

Arrange all the necessary equipment

When you are able to arrange and keep the necessary equipment near you, it won’t be hard for you to find it and it would also help you save time from getting one equipment and another one again and again.

Use a bucket for the soap

Using a bucket would help you save soap rather than pouring it every time you need it. Also, check the soap you are using for your car. Reading through the label is a good thing since there are other soaps that would make your car’s exterior look dry.

Rinse the car

If you are done applying soap in the exterior of the car, you can now rinse it using a hose and clean water. When you are rinsing a car, make sure you are able to rinse all its parts and you didn’t skip any part.

Wash the tires

The last part of cleaning a car is through washing its tires. When it comes to the tires, you’ll also need the cloth or rug you used in the car’s body then after you’ve done all the tires, you would also rinse it using the clean water.

Dry your car using a cloth

When drying your car after washing it, don’t just let it dry from the air or through driving it around for it can lead to some watermarks and all your effort from cleaning your car is useless with all the watermarks on its exterior.

The final application you are going to do for the complete change of state of your car’s exterior, you are now going to put a wax on it. If you want a good gloss for your car, a good quality wax is needed.

Cleaning the inside

If you want to start your day with freshness and calm, then you need to do inside clean of your car. It will keep you good and fresh throughout your day and in the evening as well. There are many kind of different aspects you need to look after when you perform inside clean.

Clean the windows

It is indeed very pleasing to do some site seeing while driving your car around the city but the site seeing would be nicer if your window is clean. There are actually a lot of window cleaner sold in the market today which you can use when cleaning your window along with a clean cloth.

Wipe the dashboards and other car parts

It is important to wipe the steering wheel, dashboard, and other parts of the car. You can actually use a cotton swab for those parts where there are small holes which a cloth can’t get through with.

Vacuum all necessary parts

There are actually a lot of uses a vacuum can help a car owner when cleaning a car such as when cleaning the car seats and carpets. A vacuum can also be used to clean the sides of the car through its narrow end extension which a car owner should have.

Spray your favourite perfume

So, after having your car has been cleaned from its outer to the inner, your car’s perfection won’t be complete without the smell of your favourite perfume or air freshener; it might not be connected to with the cleanliness of your car but it would somehow reflect what person you are specially if you have someone riding your car.

Place or hang a small trash bin inside the car

A trash bin is definitely a very important component of a car for it would help lessen dirt. You can have it place through the back of your car where it would be easy for you to throw things without going out of the car.

When you are able to clean your car regularly, you can surely have a healthy car for cleaning it is just like cleaning a house where we should always make it tidy or else it could wear out. Cleaning a car thoroughly from its outer to inner is indeed not an easy job but if you’ll just have some passion on it, you can sure do the job easily.

In any case, if you want to keep your car or cash for your used car, car cleaning is important. Because you’ll fill your pocket with reasonable money when you have to sell your car. Otherwise in failure to maintain your car to a good reasonable level, you will sell your vehicle to car wreckers at minimal price, which you’ll not like at all.

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