Nissan Pathfinder 2017 Review

2017 Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan pathfinder

The car has been face lifted and refined for a new performance altogether in 2017. It has the capacity to produce more torque from its 3.5liter V6 engine. The automatic transmission has been changed and revised to enhance body control and steering. The car is prices at $66,190 the range topping pathfinder Ti comes with large allow wheels, motion activated power tailgate, rear-seat entertainment, auto leveling LED lights. Other safety features includes autonomous emergency brakes, rear cross traffic alert and surround view monitor with moving object detection.

2017 Nissan Pathfinder

Tweaks to the newer model

The Nissan has some tweaks for the new model year, making the seven seated SUV more appealing. In fact far more so, these tweaks might first indicate. The issues that used to exist in the older SUV are gone now. They have been fixed and the issues have been taken care of. But there might just be a bit of good and bad to take care of in the front. For example – the braking distance has adaptive cruise control that is quite easy, with a button on steering wheel’s right spoke to scroll through the settings.

Much of an improved vehicle

Apart from all that, the pathfinder is much of an improved vehicle. There is no problem with accidentally locking the doors with your key once you get inside. The pathfinder Ti is a flagship model on test that does stream music through Bluetooth. We are stuck with two-stage locking to prevent carjacking as kids can get out of the car, while the engine is in running condition and its in gear. The pathfinder is a decent touring wagon for families and was quiet on the journey up-country and 600km of open road driving, less fuel consumption of 9.3l/100km.


Great two wheel drive for new buyers

Nissan’s V6 engine offers plenty of performance. Although the reps would go up to 3000rpm immediately from launch, its power plant delivers mid-range verve as the performance is linear and up right to the line for up to 6500rpm. Nissan’s Pathfinder is a 4 wheel drive part time system that can be left in a two wheel drive for better fuel economy. They can also be slipped into Auto when needed. Overall, the system works well with the two wheel drive mode will prompt some wheel spin and tire squeal off its mark – with so much engine output on the heavy vehicle.

Car features

The extra torque and power in the two wheel drive serves up similar circumstances. The grip in the frontal end is pretty good in a vehicle such as this, although you should jump on the corners and dig deeper. The steering feel is present as well, which may not be as much as the body rolls. Pathfinder has larger wheels stronger springs. The driver’s seat is quite flat in the cushion with two piece sunroof on front row headroom, as adults in second row might find it headlining a little closer to their heads.

Extra features

Then there is climate control, adjustable vents, and a comfortable second row seater. There is a USB port just below the HVAC controls, HDMI port, separate volume control, headphone jacks and much more. There are two video screens located at the back of front headrests that are very entertaining for the kids.

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