Top Ten Customizable Cars -2017

In some cases, they’re skillfully build in driveways, mechanic shops as well as film lots about the world, where enthusiastic engineers are making new models — as well as improving the existing models — with improved motors, original paint jobs, including other that conventional makes could simply dream of.

“Many people think you can just buy a car and own it. But some know the truth — the best car is the one you make yourself,”

writes Maximilian Funk and Robert Klanten, who edited the book.

Lexus LFA

Japanese performance cars have a separate style and sense. One can find uniqueness from the body blueprint to the resonance of the engine.  Lexus LFA is possibly the purest cleansing of all things in Japan. These two-seater sports cars are road authorized—in some variations. You’re just as likely to see them on a racetrack, and for good reason

Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR
This custom Nissan GTR cooling system beneath the bumper is intended to take in as enough airflow as probable thus this Nissan can go blaring down the road. Nissan makes superior cars anyhow. As a result you always make out that you have fine bones to effort with. Customizing one to appear like this although takes actual skill.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze
The innovative double-port chrome fence front fascia, moreover an evenhanded tail light devise on the back improves the sculptural outline of the Cruze.  While a broad chrome piece on the upper back bumper makes an additional stylish look. Projection vapor lamps and LED daylight functioning lights looks exquisite and enhances safety.



Constructed in Honda’s Swindon in the UK production plant, this five-door Civic brings different European design sway coupled with an original stage that’s both lighter moreover considerably more inflexible than previous to. , By means of a small center of gravity that assists bolster Honda’s focus on nimbleness and entertainment to drive  while remaining highly reachable for a group audience.


In 2017, you can pay money for a Corvette with a 650 horsepower from the industrial unit; however the car’s ability is apparently unbounded. There are above 1,000 ponies on valve, and while you believe the plethora of performance components obtainable for the Vette’s faithful LS and LT sequence V8s.


Performance Tuning and Modified Show 2011
Under the Escort’s vented cover lies a 2.0-liter Cosworth YBT locomotive that creates 217 hp as normal. Enthusiasts and racing squads have persuaded above 1,000 hp from the small four-banger although, and while you reflect the car’s unbelievable usage, that creates the Escort RS Cosworth as one of the ideal tuner cars ever.


It might appear like a toy, however the MX-5 Miata is  as ideal as a minute sports car could be. It can as well be tailored for any numerous usages.  Though roughly all of them involve roll confine, crash helmets, and numerous duct tape


At its center, a Baja Bug is metely a normal VW Beetle that has been customized to pass through harsh or dirty terrain, which essentially makes them mound buggies on a financial plan.



A small number of cars in the globe have fantasies as fervent as the Mazda RX-7. Why? On account of its die-hard aftermarket assistance, you don’t have seek to find quad-rotor RX-7s with 800 hp or extra however yet from the industrial unit.  The trivial dynamo was a delight.


Featuring stylish all-wheel drive arrangement and continually tunable turbo engines, these diamond-star fighters are still favorites amid the people.

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How to check Used Tyre Age?

Chronological Age of Tyre

The chronological era of any tyre can be discovered on the tire sidewall through assessing the characters next to the sign “DOT”. The previous four numbers make out the date of a make of the tyre to the nearby week. The primary 2 of these 4 numbers recognize the week of make (which range from “01” – “53”). The final two numbers recognize the year of produce (e.g., a tyre with the fact “DOT XXXXXXX2714” was made in the twenty-seventh week of the year 2014.

For tires man-made prior to 2000, there are three figures instead of four figures indicate the day of produce. Also, all through the early 1990’s, Continental included a triangle (◄) at the ending of the character cord to differentiate a tyre built in the year 1990’s from earlier decades (e.g., a tyre with the fact “DOT XXXXXXX274◄” was made in the twenty-seventh week of the year 1994).


All tires (consisting of spare tyres) that were produced more than 10 years ago must be replaced with fresh tyres, even if they seem to be working from their outside look and if the stride depth might not have achieved the smallest amount tire out depth.


To identify the age of tyres

To recognize the age of your vehicle tyres, all one is printed with an oblique date which informs you while that tyre was made.

The four-digit ciphers are generally situated in a windowpane that is on the tyre sidewall. The initial two numbers of the code stand for the week of manufacture for the duration of the year (beginning from 1 to 52) whilst the following two digits stand for the year of make.

If your car tyres are written with merely a 3-digit figure, it indicates that your tyres were produced before the year 2000 and must be replaced quickly. If your tyres age is above 5 years old then you must consider replacing them.


The age of the Tyre  is usually known by little cracks, identified as crazing, which comes into view in the tyre sidewall. This occurs while UV light oxidizes the rubber making it to dried out-out. While tyres have anti-oxidising compounds which considerably slow down the speed of aging, this wax-like material is merely freed while the tyre is in movement. As a result, if the tyre is unused frequently or is stocked up away unsuccessfully, they will age further speedily rendering them not fine for roads while returned to use. Squat mileage, older cars are liable to be generally at danger from early aging – as drivers take for granted the tyres are still in a superior state if they have the abundance of the stroll.

Untimely tyre aging can influence the safety as well as increase the jeopardy of tyre malfunction. For this reason, the drivers with tyres that are 6years old or above must check them to guarantee they are still protected for employ. Remember to verify extra tyres such as extra wheels or those built-in to caravans as well as trailers since these tyres usually see less employ and will be extra vulnerable to tyre aging.

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Selling My Car For Right Price

sell car for right price

Internet is flooded with various tools that can evaluate your vehicle for a current price. The evaluation on the internet is based on certain points such as make, model, year and kilometres did on the car. It also accounts for normal wear and tear of your car. Redbook is a standard tool for car evaluation which gives you a fair value for your car.

Check your car worth

First step is to find a price in the market, this can be done on phone or taking the car physically for an assessment on the spot. Usually, companies like metro car removals give obligation free quote and on the spot valuation for your car depending on make, model and year including present condition of the car.

The assessment will take into account any accident, major wear and tear including write-off condition on your car. Please be aware it is the customer’s responsibility to share all the issues such as any remaining finance. They do not take car with finance and will only pay out once it is finance free. Neither the car yard will take any stolen cars as usually they have to be reported to the police.

Is spite of above arguments, there are some different sources, depending on circumstances, you can check your car worth. Following are some of those:

  • Online websites: check your vehicle price on private sale website, if you have roadworthy & registration
  • Car buyers: You can call to car dealers in your area for a free quote, in case if you have less mechanical problems
  • Cash for cars companies: If you want to sell your vehicle quickly, then find these companies in your local area and ask for a free quote. Only worth, if you want hassle-free vehicle sale
  • Car wreckers: If you own a scrap, damaged, used or junk vehicle, the best place to sell your vehicle is car wreckers and auto dismantling companies
  • Auto Salvage: Another place is to sell your scrap vehicle is car dismantlers where you can get rid of any kind of car, van, truck, 4wd or bus
  • Auction: It is good but not suitable for those who don’t have time to sell their vehicle. You have to prepare for some statuary documents and wait until auction goes successfully

Tell Positive Points of your car

Also mention the good bits about your car such as, dual fuel, bull bars or tow bars, if the kilometres are less than the average that may give you a good advantage for car appraisal. Know what’s best in your vehicle, then pass them onto car buyer so that he can offer a good price for your vehicle.

The value may be more or less depending on which place you go to. Some yard, dealers have the option of taking your car and providing you with another car for the specific amount. They swap over on the spot and take your car as is for the price they quote you.

Make an offer

It is a good idea that based on your car performance to have a rough idea of what are you after for the price of the car and do bargain for your price. Usually, dealer or yard people leave some space for bargaining. At times they will ask for a price from you and it is a good indicator to increase the price for bargaining purposes. It is important for you to know that what price you want to get for your vehicle. Then you make an offer that you are happy with this price.

Be Confidence on Price

Wait until car buyer or dealer agree to price which you want in your pocket. Try with your best communication skills and be firm on it. If the buyer doesn’t agree then look around and check what your vehicle value is.

Once you are happy with either a swap over or sale of your car the next step is to organize the paperwork. The car should be sold with all its amenities such as keys and spares if you have to better your chances of a sale at a good price. Make sure you are given a proper receipt for your sale of the car. It will also include the price of the car that you sold.

An invoice should contain, the company you sold your car to, their LMCT license, a logo, their ABN number. These are the requirement for any car dealer to buy and sell cars in Australia. Having a new car or upgrading have their benefits which I will explain in later articles.

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Sell My Car Companies Different Titles

sell my car companies works

As the automotive industry grows bigger and bigger over the years, there are already a lot of schemes and companies out there for you to choose from when selling or buying a car but the question is what their difference from one another is?

In here, we are going to tackle three of the most common kind of automotive companies or business in the country now a days which are the sell my car, car buyers, and cash for cars companies. So, are they the same and if not, what are their difference?

Sell My Car

Sell my car is actually the starting point if you wanted to try the automotive industry where you’ll start with buying one car and then to look for potential buyers where you can market the car.

Owners of a sell my car companies buys cars to resell it with a higher price. If you into a sell my car business, you may find the car that you’ll be selling anywhere and that includes scrolling through in the internet for cars that are for sale and resell it through the internet as well.

What the difference with this one is that owners may do this job as a part time. A lot of sell my car owners do actually have their own job with a stable income but only want to earn more and when you say automotive industry, you can surely earn big as long as you’ve got the skills and confidence.

Car Buyers

Here in car buyers, things get bigger for car buyer owners have their own garage already where they showcase their cars. Car buyers are also good when it comes to negotiations thus they are able to buy a lot of cars to showcase their potential buyers.

Aside from selling cars, car buyers may also offer client a trade in where a client can trade his car to any car in the garage with some cash. Aside from trade ins, car buyer owners may also get their cars through auctions where they can find a lot of cheap and affordable cars that they can sell.

Cash for Cars

They also buys cars from car owners who are willing to sell their car and just like with sell my car and car buyer, cash for cars companies are into buying a good condition car but what’s different with this cash for cars companies are they are the bigger one with all those garage and warehouse.

Cash for cars companies do also have other services offered such as the free paperwork and free towing services. As cash for cars companies are already big, they are already equipped with all the necessary stuffs needed to run the business such as a towing truck with their experienced and well-trained man power.

So, if you are a car seller and you wanted to sell your car as fast as possible, you may choose to have it sold to cash for cars companies where they can give you the best deals compared to sell my car and car buyers.

As you can see, these three businesses may be at the same field (automotive industry) and they run the business relatively the same especially when it comes to buying a car and reselling it with a higher price.

Car Wreckers

If you have any car for wrecking or scrap, then car wreckers might be the best option that can suit you. They will pay you money as well pick up your car for cash.Furthermore, they still have their own uniqueness and if you happen to be selling or buying a car, you should definitely choose the right one that fits your needs and if you are planning to venture the automotive industry you can surely start from sell my car until you’ll someday be a cash for cars company owner.

How Would Junk Yards Pay For Your Car?

How Would Junk Yards Pay For Your Car

Have you been asking for your car’s worth from one junkyard to the other? Selling a car to a junkyard would actually mean that you’ll only get lesser price for it but if you are in a hurry selling your car and get rid of it as fast as you can then you can definitely go for it.

The price of your car does actually vary from junkyards to junkyards and also with how good you are with negotiations. Dealers for these cars are surely a hustler ones who’ve been doing these dealings a lot of times already thus you should prepare yourself and keep you flag flying high. Cash for old car offer you more cash than any other junk yards in the area.

Junk Yards Paying Cash For Cars

Whatever your car’s condition is, it would probably costs too much for dismantling, even higher than your expectations; it’s really up to your negotiation skills and of course, your car’s condition. Here are actually the most common aspects junkyards consider when buying a car that you as a car seller should also know:

The mileage of the car

This is definitely very important since lower miles run from your car would mean a longer life from its engine and some other parts although this is only theoretical hence, there are other cars out there who weren’t taken cared of properly that can easily tears even with a lower mileage records.

You should also make sure that you were able to take care of your car properly for you to have a good condition car and one way for these is through changing your car’s oil every now and then to preserve its engine.

The car’s make, year and model

Junkyards would also value these three aspects especially the manufacturing year of your car. Newer cars would mean that you already have a car with upgraded engine which they would surely love.

As years go by in the car automotive industry car companies strives hard to produce good quality cars particularly with producing an industrial vehicle. These would help consumers or car owners to save a lot with their gasoline consumption and if you have a very old model car then it means that your car’s engine isn’t an upgraded one which leaves them no choice but to give you a lesser price for it. Junk yards often consider make, model, and age of the car and on the basis of engine

Size and weight

If you are going to sell your car to a junkyard, they would probably have it scrapped parts by parts thus, the size and weight of your car would definitely matter. As junkyards are into recycling and making the most out of your car, they actually reuse 98% of it and if you’ve got the bigger vehicle then they can benefit from it moreover such as the vans and trucks. Junkyards are only concern with size and weight of your car.

Your car’s condition

The car’s engine, for example, is a good catch for junkyards for it is one of the car parts that they would recycle and have an engine with a good condition is indeed the best asset of your car. Your car can actually be used in many ways and every part of your car is absolutely important to junkyards more than you ever know thus having a car with a good condition is very appealing to them.

The car’s outer shell can also give your car a good price. A car’s metal is also an important aspect junkyard consider for they can use it to various stuff and they could also sell it to larger companies who would reuse it for their new model vehicles for low costing purposes.

Finding for the perfect junkyard for your old car is indeed a tough job especially with how they do the negotiations with you and the bidding as well but if you’ll know your cars worth then you can surely be wise when it comes to choosing the junkyard that best fits your demands and needs. Car wreckers are the perfect place to junk any car that you are looking to dispose of. You will see many junk yards in your local area and city council where you can get rid of your car. In reference to buy used car parts and if you have any scrap vehicles and looking good amount of money, must visit to evaluate your vehicle price today.


Best Time To Sell Your Car – Getting Cash for Your Car

Best Time To Sell Your Car

I have been into the industry for a couple of years but as I observe the car buy and sell business, I was able to notice a few timing where a seller can easily sell a car and most out of it from an old and used car. So, here is a list of mine with when is the best time you can sell your car:

Mileage of your car

If you are the person who loves to buy a new car and eventually sell it as soon as you see a new car in town then being cautious to your car’s mileage is the best thing for you. Selling your car with a low mileage would also help you earn bigger cash from your car.

A lot of car buyers are actually very cautious when it comes to the mileage of the car they are buying thus, you have to make sure you can get rid of your car immediately ones its mileage is still in a good number.

One of the issues buyers see when buying a vehicle with a high mileage is that these vehicles often have issues and if I am a buyer, I would definitely make sure to it that I won’t be having any problem with my new car the next day. So, sell your car as early as possible and earn big money from it eventually.

If you think your car has around 2 lac mileage, then try to sell it private in order to get a deal. If you fail to secure a good deal, then cash for used and old cars dealers might be a good choice for you.

Economy Factor

  • Public transportation: The price of the public transportation do actually vary from the economy and if the transportation gets expensive, people tend to buy a car instead and save money from it.
  • Fuel efficiency: When the fuel price range will be on its highest, people tend to avoid driving cars and just use the public transportation but if the fuel gets at a cheaper price, that is eventually a good time for you to sell your car where you can easily find a potential buyer making use of the low fuel price.
  • The popularity of your car: If you are just going to observe a car’s popularity, you would see that a car is known in a certain season and goes off in the next season thus, you have to make sure that you’ll sell your car immediately while it is still a popular one.

Mechanical Condition

Car mechanical condition may also be a big factor you need to think. Many times you feel that a lot of money is needed to repair or fix major vehicle problems. These factors may include engine problem, head gasket, transmission or radiator issues for quite older vehicles. In this situation, you should consider selling your car privately. If you fail, then other option may be a car wrecker where you can get good money for your car.

Season of the year

The season of the year is actually a good factor and if you are just going to observe there are some certain vehicle that’s being in demand according to the season like:

  • Spring and summer: As the sun is out during this time, sports car the most in-demand vehicle.
  • Winter and fall: Since it gets rainy and snow comes during this time of the year, a truck or 4x4s is a good choice for car buyers.

Paying For Your Scrap Cars

We buy all kinds of Vehicles no matter what age or make is it. Have a look all sort of worlds top car models.

Japanese: Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda, Subaru, Lexus, Isuzu, Daihatsu
European: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen in Germany, Fiat, Alfa Romeo
American: Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Tesla and Holden


Yes, Holidays are indeed a good time of the year to sell your car. Whenever it is a Holiday season, a lot of people do love to spend it in an out of town vacation and if you are going with your family, it is well spent with a car. These are actually few of the Holiday season where you can definitely sell your car with a good price:

  • College graduation: This may the most known one for you can assure that a lot of parents would be buying a car to give their kids after attaining a college degree. Also, when graduation falls, a lot of students would be heading back to their hometown which would mean that a lot of them would be needing a car and that’s the time you are going to enter the scene.
  • Thanksgiving Day: I guess one of the holidays where streets in States get busier and since a lot of people are travelling by this day, I am sure there would be a number of them who would love to get a new car and yours could be it.
  • Christmas Season: During Christmas season, a person tends to buy a new car from all the sales and promotion around the town but if you are going to advertise your used car which is, of course, cheaper than a new car, a potential buyer might be interested in it.

If you fail to secure a deal for your car, and it has become junk vehicle due to its age, mileage or damage. Then you can visit cash for scrap cars and dismantlers in order to get money as well as free removal for your vehicle.

Trusted and Licensed Auto Wreckers

trusted wreckers Melbourne

Melbourne Car Wrecker is one of the most known auto wreckers located in Melbourne. We are a car wrecking company that are willing to buy your scrap, old, damaged or unwanted vehicle. Any car, van, 4×4 and trucks are catered in car wreckers Melbourne regardless of its condition. We want our customer to have the best service in car dismantling through our professional and qualified team. Since we are licensed car wreckers in Melbourne, we have already gained the trust of our customers.

Service You Could Get With Our Team

We can assure you on having the best service you could get from any car wrecking company. Because in Melbourne Car Wrecker, a hassle free and convenient service will be performed to you. From the beginning of your transaction with us, you will experience already our friendly personnel that will be assisting you. A reasonable and correct appraisal value will be calculated to you immediately – our advanced computer software will be at your service. But the most important is having our professional team to deal with your vehicle because they don’t just wreck but we also offer free towing from your place to our yard.

Everything Is Free And Easy

You don’t have to spend extra large amount of money in getting rid of your car. We are offering free service of wrecking and towing to our customers. As long as your are located anywhere within Melbourne area, our team is willing to go extra mile in your place and help you get rid of your scrap, damaged, old and unwanted vehicle. All of these are for your convenience and effortless business with us. We will also be the one to process your papers of vehicle disposal.

Real Cash to be Received on Hand

Car Wreckers Melbourne is one of the car wrecking company that offers a large amount of appraisal to be given to our customers. There will be no hidden charges and fees to be deducted to your receipt because at the end of the day we will definitely make sure that you will be paid just right. To prove it to you, we have car Wreckers Melbourne that wrecks vehicles for free in exchange of money.

How to Do Business With Us

If we already have gained your trust and have the courage to do business with us then do not hesitate to call our hotline. We only have a few steps in order to fully get rid of your vehicle and earn money on the spot. Communicate with our agent through the phone is the start, then follows the information and condition of the vehicle that will be provided by you. The details that you have given will be the basis for determining your appraisal value and with our advanced technology we will come up with the right amount just for you. All there’s left is to set a schedule and wait for our team to knock on your door.

As easy and fast as that getting rid of scrap, old, damaged or unwanted vehicle is not a problem anymore. Clear your space and received cash now. You can now easily get cash for cars. Find some useful wreckers, they are capable to evaluate all major brands of scrap cars.

Japanese: Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda, Subaru, Lexus, Isuzu, Daihatsu
European: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen in Germany, Fiat, Alfa Romeo
American: Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Tesla and Holden

Reference to sell any sort of vehicles contact for quotes at

How To Clean Your Old Car – Tip and Tricks

clean your old car

Were you able to buy a new car and wants to give the best care to your new investment? One of the things that would help maintain your car is through having it cleaned regularly and here are some tips of mine on how to clean your car from its outside to the inside.

Before I’ll go ahead with the steps and tips on cleaning a car, make sure that the car is parked in a shady area where it can be protected from the heat of the sun.

Car Cleaning From the outside

The most important thing which you need to take car, and of course that is outside look. This look attracts all outside to have at least one look at your car. There are many ways and things to perform when you do car cleaning outside.

Arrange all the necessary equipment

When you are able to arrange and keep the necessary equipment near you, it won’t be hard for you to find it and it would also help you save time from getting one equipment and another one again and again.

Use a bucket for the soap

Using a bucket would help you save soap rather than pouring it every time you need it. Also, check the soap you are using for your car. Reading through the label is a good thing since there are other soaps that would make your car’s exterior look dry.

Rinse the car

If you are done applying soap in the exterior of the car, you can now rinse it using a hose and clean water. When you are rinsing a car, make sure you are able to rinse all its parts and you didn’t skip any part.

Wash the tires

The last part of cleaning a car is through washing its tires. When it comes to the tires, you’ll also need the cloth or rug you used in the car’s body then after you’ve done all the tires, you would also rinse it using the clean water.

Dry your car using a cloth

When drying your car after washing it, don’t just let it dry from the air or through driving it around for it can lead to some watermarks and all your effort from cleaning your car is useless with all the watermarks on its exterior.

The final application you are going to do for the complete change of state of your car’s exterior, you are now going to put a wax on it. If you want a good gloss for your car, a good quality wax is needed.

Cleaning the inside

If you want to start your day with freshness and calm, then you need to do inside clean of your car. It will keep you good and fresh throughout your day and in the evening as well. There are many kind of different aspects you need to look after when you perform inside clean.

Clean the windows

It is indeed very pleasing to do some site seeing while driving your car around the city but the site seeing would be nicer if your window is clean. There are actually a lot of window cleaner sold in the market today which you can use when cleaning your window along with a clean cloth.

Wipe the dashboards and other car parts

It is important to wipe the steering wheel, dashboard, and other parts of the car. You can actually use a cotton swab for those parts where there are small holes which a cloth can’t get through with.

Vacuum all necessary parts

There are actually a lot of uses a vacuum can help a car owner when cleaning a car such as when cleaning the car seats and carpets. A vacuum can also be used to clean the sides of the car through its narrow end extension which a car owner should have.

Spray your favourite perfume

So, after having your car has been cleaned from its outer to the inner, your car’s perfection won’t be complete without the smell of your favourite perfume or air freshener; it might not be connected to with the cleanliness of your car but it would somehow reflect what person you are specially if you have someone riding your car.

Place or hang a small trash bin inside the car

A trash bin is definitely a very important component of a car for it would help lessen dirt. You can have it place through the back of your car where it would be easy for you to throw things without going out of the car.

When you are able to clean your car regularly, you can surely have a healthy car for cleaning it is just like cleaning a house where we should always make it tidy or else it could wear out. Cleaning a car thoroughly from its outer to inner is indeed not an easy job but if you’ll just have some passion on it, you can sure do the job easily.

In any case, if you want to keep your car or cash for your used car, car cleaning is important. Because you’ll fill your pocket with reasonable money when you have to sell your car. Otherwise in failure to maintain your car to a good reasonable level, you will sell your vehicle to car wreckers at minimal price, which you’ll not like at all.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Buying Car from Auction

buying car at auction

Have you been looking for a used car but don’t know where to find one? Why don’t you consider looking for the car in an auction? Here are actually a list I made of the pros and cons of buying a car in an auction.

Benefits of Buying a Car From Auction

There are so many places from where you can buy cheap car. And one of them is auction. Auction is best option when you’ve good knowledge of car mechanically and electronically. But as a whole there are so many benefits of buying a car from auction and some of those are:

Good price

What’s the best thing with buying a car in auction is that it is sold in the lowest price. If you are a person who wishes to have a car with a cheap price, going on an auction is a must try for you.

Wide selection to choose from

There are actually a lot of cars sold in an auction and you may be able to find the car you’ve dream of in the auction. If you are a person who’s into car collection, you can definitely find a lot of vintage cars in a car auction.

Guaranteed in a good quality vehicle

In a car auction, sellers would usually check the car’s quality first before they are going to include it in an auction which gives you an assurance that the cars they are selling is in a good quality. You can also check the quality of the car online since there are some auctions where the cars are being posted online first so you can check what their available cars are.

Some cars are still in a warranty

If you are lucky enough when buying a car in an auction, you might be able to get a car that is still in a warranty. A car that is under a warranty means you can still ask the assistance of the company whenever there are any issue a car has.

Note: If you don’t want to keep your car that you’ve just got from auction, then you can sell your car to cash for used cars companies in your local suburb.

Disadvantage of Buying Vehicle From Auction

When you purchase car from auction, you must be aware that there are some disadvantages as well. Which can lead you to some lose. You must have awareness of those disadvantages:

A test drive can’t be done

If you are going to buy a used car, it is indeed very important that you try the car before you finally close the deal but if you are going to buy the car in an auction, the only moment you can test the car is when you buy it.

Buying a car that you weren’t able to test might just give you false hope. The only chance you can see if there are any malfunctions a used car is by giving it a test drive but in auction sale, a test drive is not allowed.

If you’ve got any scrap car from auction, then you may contact scrap car removal yards to come and collect your car.

You might be able to buy a stolen car

There are actually a very big chance that the car being auctioned is a stolen one or if not a stolen car, it can be a smuggled one which means it is sold illegally. Buying a car that is from an illegal can only give you an ownership problem in the future.

No return, No exchange

Once you are going to buy a car from an auction, you can’t return it anymore even though the car is in a bad shape when you bought it. In used car auctions, ones you’ve bought the car, they are already not reliable to any issues the car has which leaves you to fix the problem yourself.

Low resale value

If you have plans on selling your car ones you’ve got enough of it in the future then you should reconsider buying one in an auction. Buying a used car in an auction would give you a low resale value.

Have you finally decided whether you are going to buy your dream car in auction or not? There are indeed a lot of choices for you to choose from when it comes to buying a car, you just have to find the one that would be convenient for you.

If you wanted finally try in an auction, you can actually find a used car auction through the classified ads of your local newspaper where it is usually posted or through the internet where some auctions are also posted there.

If you already bought a car from salvage auction, and you don’t want it anymore. Then you can sell this salvage and wrecking vehicle for cash to car wreckers in your local area. In reference to buy used car parts and if you have any scrap vehicles and looking for a good amount of money, must visit to evaluate your vehicle price today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Car Online

advantages disadvantages of sell car online

Do you happen to have a car at your garage that you are planning to finally get rid of and sell it online? If you are having second thoughts on selling your car online thinking that it might be a bad choice, here are some tips of mine with the pros and cons of selling a car online.

Advantage of selling a car online:

  • Lesser cost for you: We all know that posting a car online means you don’t have to spend any penny for the ad; you just have to take the perfect photo of your car and post it on whatever online site you wanted such as Craigslist with the basic information of your car.If you are doing a buy and sell for a business, it would also mean that you have to find for the place where you can place all your for sale cars and you also have to pay for the rent but if you are going to sell it online, you don’t have to look for it anymore.
  • Bigger audience for your ads: As we are already in buying things online, it would be guaranteed that there are a lot of people who are going to see you ad specially if you are going to post it to various online sites and a lot more audience means a bigger chance of selling your car.
  • Convenient and hassle-free: If you are going to sell your car online, it would mean that you will just have to use your computer to post your ad and you don’t have to go out of your home anymore; what’s more convenient with that, right? Selling your car online is indeed the best choice if you are a homebody person.
  • Reduces overhead: Selling your car online means you don’t have to pay any dealer or staff anymore which would eventually help you save money and earn the money from your sold car all by yourself.

Disadvantage of selling a car online:

  • Security and Fraud: One thing that I don’t like with selling a product online is I’ll get a bigger chance to encounter various kinds of people and that includes scammers. I guess every one of us knows what scammers are and as an online seller, we should know how to avoid them. If you wanted to avoid these scammers then, before you response to any inquiries, make sure the person is a trusted one. Also, refrain from giving too much information to any buyer such as your address and personal information because they could use this information against you.
  • Advertising costs: Posting an advertisement online is actually free specially for those known online sites but if you wishes for your ad to on top of the list so that a lot of potential buyer can go through it then, you have to pay fee which prices varies from site to site.
  • Customer Trust: Since you selling a car from an online site, it would be hard for you to get you customer’s trust. If you are going to put yourself on their side, I am sure you would think twice buying a car which is surely a big investment from a person you don’t know thus; you have to nice and efficient enough for a customer to believe that you are a reliable online seller.

There are indeed a lot of ways on how to dispose of your old car and find a buyer for your car aside from selling it online; you just have to look for the way that is convenient and easy for you and with the pros and cons listed above, it would surely help you decide whether you are a person who fits with this online selling or not.

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