Selling My Car For Right Price

sell car for right price

Internet is flooded with various tools that can evaluate your vehicle for a current price. The evaluation on the internet is based on certain points such as make, model, year and kilometres did on the car. It also accounts for normal wear and tear of your car. Redbook is a standard tool for car evaluation which gives you a fair value for your car.

Check your car worth

First step is to find a price in the market, this can be done on phone or taking the car physically for an assessment on the spot. Usually, companies like metro car removals give obligation free quote and on the spot valuation for your car depending on make, model and year including present condition of the car.

The assessment will take into account any accident, major wear and tear including write-off condition on your car. Please be aware it is the customer’s responsibility to share all the issues such as any remaining finance. They do not take car with finance and will only pay out once it is finance free. Neither the car yard will take any stolen cars as usually they have to be reported to the police.

Is spite of above arguments, there are some different sources, depending on circumstances, you can check your car worth. Following are some of those:

  • Online websites: check your vehicle price on private sale website, if you have roadworthy & registration
  • Car buyers: You can call to car dealers in your area for a free quote, in case if you have less mechanical problems
  • Cash for cars companies: If you want to sell your vehicle quickly, then find these companies in your local area and ask for a free quote. Only worth, if you want hassle-free vehicle sale
  • Car wreckers: If you own a scrap, damaged, used or junk vehicle, the best place to sell your vehicle is car wreckers and auto dismantling companies
  • Auto Salvage: Another place is to sell your scrap vehicle is car dismantlers where you can get rid of any kind of car, van, truck, 4wd or bus
  • Auction: It is good but not suitable for those who don’t have time to sell their vehicle. You have to prepare for some statuary documents and wait until auction goes successfully

Tell Positive Points of your car

Also mention the good bits about your car such as, dual fuel, bull bars or tow bars, if the kilometres are less than the average that may give you a good advantage for car appraisal. Know what’s best in your vehicle, then pass them onto car buyer so that he can offer a good price for your vehicle.

The value may be more or less depending on which place you go to. Some yard, dealers have the option of taking your car and providing you with another car for the specific amount. They swap over on the spot and take your car as is for the price they quote you.

Make an offer

It is a good idea that based on your car performance to have a rough idea of what are you after for the price of the car and do bargain for your price. Usually, dealer or yard people leave some space for bargaining. At times they will ask for a price from you and it is a good indicator to increase the price for bargaining purposes. It is important for you to know that what price you want to get for your vehicle. Then you make an offer that you are happy with this price.

Be Confidence on Price

Wait until car buyer or dealer agree to price which you want in your pocket. Try with your best communication skills and be firm on it. If the buyer doesn’t agree then look around and check what your vehicle value is.

Once you are happy with either a swap over or sale of your car the next step is to organize the paperwork. The car should be sold with all its amenities such as keys and spares if you have to better your chances of a sale at a good price. Make sure you are given a proper receipt for your sale of the car. It will also include the price of the car that you sold.

An invoice should contain, the company you sold your car to, their LMCT license, a logo, their ABN number. These are the requirement for any car dealer to buy and sell cars in Australia. Having a new car or upgrading have their benefits which I will explain in later articles.

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Sell My Car Companies Different Titles

sell my car companies works

As the automotive industry grows bigger and bigger over the years, there are already a lot of schemes and companies out there for you to choose from when selling or buying a car but the question is what their difference from one another is?

In here, we are going to tackle three of the most common kind of automotive companies or business in the country now a days which are the sell my car, car buyers, and cash for cars companies. So, are they the same and if not, what are their difference?

Sell My Car

Sell my car is actually the starting point if you wanted to try the automotive industry where you’ll start with buying one car and then to look for potential buyers where you can market the car.

Owners of a sell my car companies buys cars to resell it with a higher price. If you into a sell my car business, you may find the car that you’ll be selling anywhere and that includes scrolling through in the internet for cars that are for sale and resell it through the internet as well.

What the difference with this one is that owners may do this job as a part time. A lot of sell my car owners do actually have their own job with a stable income but only want to earn more and when you say automotive industry, you can surely earn big as long as you’ve got the skills and confidence.

Car Buyers

Here in car buyers, things get bigger for car buyer owners have their own garage already where they showcase their cars. Car buyers are also good when it comes to negotiations thus they are able to buy a lot of cars to showcase their potential buyers.

Aside from selling cars, car buyers may also offer client a trade in where a client can trade his car to any car in the garage with some cash. Aside from trade ins, car buyer owners may also get their cars through auctions where they can find a lot of cheap and affordable cars that they can sell.

Cash for Cars

They also buys cars from car owners who are willing to sell their car and just like with sell my car and car buyer, cash for cars companies are into buying a good condition car but what’s different with this cash for cars companies are they are the bigger one with all those garage and warehouse.

Cash for cars companies do also have other services offered such as the free paperwork and free towing services. As cash for cars companies are already big, they are already equipped with all the necessary stuffs needed to run the business such as a towing truck with their experienced and well-trained man power.

So, if you are a car seller and you wanted to sell your car as fast as possible, you may choose to have it sold to cash for cars companies where they can give you the best deals compared to sell my car and car buyers.

As you can see, these three businesses may be at the same field (automotive industry) and they run the business relatively the same especially when it comes to buying a car and reselling it with a higher price.

Car Wreckers

If you have any car for wrecking or scrap, then car wreckers might be the best option that can suit you. They will pay you money as well pick up your car for cash.Furthermore, they still have their own uniqueness and if you happen to be selling or buying a car, you should definitely choose the right one that fits your needs and if you are planning to venture the automotive industry you can surely start from sell my car until you’ll someday be a cash for cars company owner.

Best Time To Sell Your Car – Getting Cash for Your Car

Best Time To Sell Your Car

I have been into the industry for a couple of years but as I observe the car buy and sell business, I was able to notice a few timing where a seller can easily sell a car and most out of it from an old and used car. So, here is a list of mine with when is the best time you can sell your car:

Mileage of your car

If you are the person who loves to buy a new car and eventually sell it as soon as you see a new car in town then being cautious to your car’s mileage is the best thing for you. Selling your car with a low mileage would also help you earn bigger cash from your car.

A lot of car buyers are actually very cautious when it comes to the mileage of the car they are buying thus, you have to make sure you can get rid of your car immediately ones its mileage is still in a good number.

One of the issues buyers see when buying a vehicle with a high mileage is that these vehicles often have issues and if I am a buyer, I would definitely make sure to it that I won’t be having any problem with my new car the next day. So, sell your car as early as possible and earn big money from it eventually.

If you think your car has around 2 lac mileage, then try to sell it private in order to get a deal. If you fail to secure a good deal, then cash for used and old cars dealers might be a good choice for you.

Economy Factor

  • Public transportation: The price of the public transportation do actually vary from the economy and if the transportation gets expensive, people tend to buy a car instead and save money from it.
  • Fuel efficiency: When the fuel price range will be on its highest, people tend to avoid driving cars and just use the public transportation but if the fuel gets at a cheaper price, that is eventually a good time for you to sell your car where you can easily find a potential buyer making use of the low fuel price.
  • The popularity of your car: If you are just going to observe a car’s popularity, you would see that a car is known in a certain season and goes off in the next season thus, you have to make sure that you’ll sell your car immediately while it is still a popular one.

Mechanical Condition

Car mechanical condition may also be a big factor you need to think. Many times you feel that a lot of money is needed to repair or fix major vehicle problems. These factors may include engine problem, head gasket, transmission or radiator issues for quite older vehicles. In this situation, you should consider selling your car privately. If you fail, then other option may be a car wrecker where you can get good money for your car.

Season of the year

The season of the year is actually a good factor and if you are just going to observe there are some certain vehicle that’s being in demand according to the season like:

  • Spring and summer: As the sun is out during this time, sports car the most in-demand vehicle.
  • Winter and fall: Since it gets rainy and snow comes during this time of the year, a truck or 4x4s is a good choice for car buyers.

Paying For Your Scrap Cars

We buy all kinds of Vehicles no matter what age or make is it. Have a look all sort of worlds top car models.

Japanese: Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Honda, Subaru, Lexus, Isuzu, Daihatsu
European: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, Volkswagen in Germany, Fiat, Alfa Romeo
American: Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Tesla and Holden


Yes, Holidays are indeed a good time of the year to sell your car. Whenever it is a Holiday season, a lot of people do love to spend it in an out of town vacation and if you are going with your family, it is well spent with a car. These are actually few of the Holiday season where you can definitely sell your car with a good price:

  • College graduation: This may the most known one for you can assure that a lot of parents would be buying a car to give their kids after attaining a college degree. Also, when graduation falls, a lot of students would be heading back to their hometown which would mean that a lot of them would be needing a car and that’s the time you are going to enter the scene.
  • Thanksgiving Day: I guess one of the holidays where streets in States get busier and since a lot of people are travelling by this day, I am sure there would be a number of them who would love to get a new car and yours could be it.
  • Christmas Season: During Christmas season, a person tends to buy a new car from all the sales and promotion around the town but if you are going to advertise your used car which is, of course, cheaper than a new car, a potential buyer might be interested in it.

If you fail to secure a deal for your car, and it has become junk vehicle due to its age, mileage or damage. Then you can visit cash for scrap cars and dismantlers in order to get money as well as free removal for your vehicle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Car Online

advantages disadvantages of sell car online

Do you happen to have a car at your garage that you are planning to finally get rid of and sell it online? If you are having second thoughts on selling your car online thinking that it might be a bad choice, here are some tips of mine with the pros and cons of selling a car online.

Advantage of selling a car online:

  • Lesser cost for you: We all know that posting a car online means you don’t have to spend any penny for the ad; you just have to take the perfect photo of your car and post it on whatever online site you wanted such as Craigslist with the basic information of your car.If you are doing a buy and sell for a business, it would also mean that you have to find for the place where you can place all your for sale cars and you also have to pay for the rent but if you are going to sell it online, you don’t have to look for it anymore.
  • Bigger audience for your ads: As we are already in buying things online, it would be guaranteed that there are a lot of people who are going to see you ad specially if you are going to post it to various online sites and a lot more audience means a bigger chance of selling your car.
  • Convenient and hassle-free: If you are going to sell your car online, it would mean that you will just have to use your computer to post your ad and you don’t have to go out of your home anymore; what’s more convenient with that, right? Selling your car online is indeed the best choice if you are a homebody person.
  • Reduces overhead: Selling your car online means you don’t have to pay any dealer or staff anymore which would eventually help you save money and earn the money from your sold car all by yourself.

Disadvantage of selling a car online:

  • Security and Fraud: One thing that I don’t like with selling a product online is I’ll get a bigger chance to encounter various kinds of people and that includes scammers. I guess every one of us knows what scammers are and as an online seller, we should know how to avoid them. If you wanted to avoid these scammers then, before you response to any inquiries, make sure the person is a trusted one. Also, refrain from giving too much information to any buyer such as your address and personal information because they could use this information against you.
  • Advertising costs: Posting an advertisement online is actually free specially for those known online sites but if you wishes for your ad to on top of the list so that a lot of potential buyer can go through it then, you have to pay fee which prices varies from site to site.
  • Customer Trust: Since you selling a car from an online site, it would be hard for you to get you customer’s trust. If you are going to put yourself on their side, I am sure you would think twice buying a car which is surely a big investment from a person you don’t know thus; you have to nice and efficient enough for a customer to believe that you are a reliable online seller.

There are indeed a lot of ways on how to dispose of your old car and find a buyer for your car aside from selling it online; you just have to look for the way that is convenient and easy for you and with the pros and cons listed above, it would surely help you decide whether you are a person who fits with this online selling or not.

There are so many used car dealerships in Melbourne where you can sell your car. But if you’ve a car that is smash damaged or wrecking then Prime car wreckers Melbourne is best place to dismantle your car. Otherwise cash for junk cars Melbourne is best company to sell scrap vehicles. Moreover they also offer free car removals Melbourne service.

Things to Remember When Selling Your Car

Things to Remember When Selling Your Car

There are so many necessary things you need to do before you sell your vehicle. It includes so many things. This will help you in getting good cash money for your car. When selling your old and junk vehicle, it doesn’t have to be that difficult and complicated. If you are worrying on how to effectively sell your car I have five simple guidelines in here that would surely simply the selling process and give you the biggest profit as possible:

Get the car ready

As what they say, a clean car will sell faster which means more money for you. When you are going to sell your car, it should be presentable enough that buyers would have the impression of a well-cared vehicle. So, before you’ll take photos of your vehicle, you should consider giving it a makeover first such as:

  • Washing all the glass in the car inside and out.
  • For a more attractive look, wax and wash the exterior of the car.
  • Replace or clean old floor mats to make it seems newer.
  • If you are using a leather set, treat the leather and for cloth seats then use a vacuum for it.
  • If you happen to be smoking inside the car, you should probably get a steam cleaning.

Take great photos

After your car has been cleaned and regenerated, you would surely love to take a lot of photos of it but before posting your car’s photos, you might want to consider these three easy tips:

  • Don’t use old cameras either your smartphone and if you wanted to have a decent and attractive photo of your car, then you should take ‘show’ quality photos of your car.
  • Use the appropriate location for your car pictorial. I guess buyers would prefer putting attention to ads with clear photos of their products and this includes the lighting and background of the car.
  • Make sure you were to include all the important parts and angles of the car in taking the photo from its interior, exterior, wheels, and engine of the car.

Determine the vehicle’s worth

You won’t be able to sell your car if you don’t know its worth so, it is very important that you’ll know how much does it costs considering every detail of your car. When you’ve determined the worth of your car, make sure the price is reasonable and either of you and the buyer won’t feel mislaid in the transaction.

If in doubt with the price, there are actually various internet sites in where you can calculate for your car’s worth. There are so many cash for cars and car removals companies who do evaluation over the phone. You can get an idea how much you vehicle. If you’ve a vehicle available for wrecking then Melbourne car wreckers can help you in this regard.

Prepare all the paperwork

If you are selling something then you should also help the buyer make things easier and this includes preparing the paper works for the transaction. So, when referring to paper works, this means the maintenance records of the car, bill of sale, release of liability, warranty documents if you are going to have a warranty for your car and lastly, the title of the car signed by you.

And lastly, CUT THE CORD

For you to be able to sell your car effectively then you should try to accept that it’s not going to be yours in a few days. So, once you have already the “for sale” sign at the window of your car then, you should already bear in mind that it isn’t yours anymore.

If you really wanted to sell car for cash easily then you should just drive the pain away and thinks that if you are going to sell the car, you’ll finally have your money and use it to some other stuff or you can even buy another car for yourself.

It is indeed very hard to sell your car specially that you’ve spent a lot of moments with it but with this guidelines and tips we have, you surely won’t be having a hard time this time saying ‘goodbye’ to your car.

Where To Sell My Used Car

Where To Sell My Used Car

Selling an old car is a part of our life. Every day we hear people around us talking and dealing in this business. Sometime they get the best price of used car and sometime they felt themselves in loss. The second condition often comes when they deal with unauthorized dealers. This is the reason why a keen evaluation of the dealer services is very important before taking any final decision. All we need to check the past work history and service terms of selling the car. There are several ways of getting the best price of old cars. One of the popular ways is to check the dealers online. You can also put the ad in local classified. Almost every home get the newspaper every day. People check the ad and if they have an interest in the old car, they buy it

Some people find the work of dealing with old car very interesting this is the reason why they opt it as a business. Most of the old car purchasers create the website to get quick customers. They put all the advantages of their work online so that visitors get to know about the services and the conditions perfectly. If you are new to sell your old car, it is better to check online dealers or you can get back to the car sellers too. Sometime car brands offer exchange offer to their old customers. This option is the best if you planning to buy a new car along with selling the old one. Here is the list of some other tips on sell my used car:

Advertise in the locality: this is one of the best and quick way of getting the buyer with the desired price. With the help of this means, you can get a long list of those who are looking for the old car model, you have. Sometimes we get the buyers in our known and relatives, this can be a deal of trust if we sell the car to them. You will get the quick response of the advertisement if there is proper contact no in it. So it is better checking the format of the ad before publishing. Along with it, there should be a complete detail of the vehicle. It can be model no, purchasing date and so on.

The format of the ad should be so attractive that onlooker feels like he would lose a good opportunity if not contact quickly.

Sell online: this is the best option if you want to empty the place for your all new car in few hours. All you need to check the best purchaser and get their terms of buying. They complete all the legal work in some time and take the car away after paying for it. Some of the best dealers pay the top cost of the old car. The best part is that they can be connected easily. Their services are a free cost for the very old vehicle. They remove the junk and let us plan something new for the place where old car was standing.

Online purchasers can easy the work of selling the car. They also answer all the queries of the customers before giving the services. They decide the price of the vehicle after evaluating it which makes the deal satisfactory for both parties. Selling a used car can be critical when buyers not available easily. This is the reason why it is very important checking the market place before putting the car for sale. The procedure can be completed with speed these days with the help of online means.  Best buyer can get with the help of comparison of the services of different websites.

There are many dealers in the market with names of different businesses like cash for used cars but they actually are used vehicle dealer. They buy used cars and pay cash on same day.

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